Boosting Testosterone Natures Way

Boosting Testosterone Natures Way

Testosterone is vital for men to function optimally. Not only does it play a part in bodybuilding, it is also vital in ensuring a healthy sex life. Studies have also shown that testosterone is crucial in preventing life-threatening diseases like prostate cancer and heart attacks. There are many products on the market that chemically enhance testosterone levels, however, before running off to the shops there are natural ways to boost testosterone.

**Solid Sleep**

Having late nights and early mornings will take its toll on the body and taking a few naps here and there won’t solve the problem. Sleep is vital to the body’s recovery process, which is also directly linked to a healthy production of testosterone in the body. Sleep is also necessary for muscle repair, which will ensure you get a better workout the next day.

**Reducing Stress**

Perhaps one step worse than not getting enough sleep is being overly stressed out. Being stressed will send the body into flight mode which, unfortunately, is not a healthy environment for testosterone to build. This is due to the production of cortisol which is known for its anti-testosterone qualities.

**Cut Out The Sugar, Not The Fat**

For years, doctors have been telling the world to follow a low-fat high-carb diet and sugar was only really mentioned when you were at risk for diabetes. The tides have turned, however, as fat has become the number one food source of both the professional athlete as well as average Joe on the street. According to Prof. Tim Noakes, a leading nutritionist and published author, fat is no longer the enemy. Following a strict low-carb-high-fat diet, the professor says he has not felt better in years. Proceed with caution as there are “good” and “bad” fats here.

Sugar, on the other hand, causes an instantaneous drop in testosterone levels and should be avoided at all costs. Sugar is also the reason many men – and women – are losing the battle of the bulge. Sugar is also known to cause fluctuations in your energy levels, which is not great for any workout.

**No Smoking Please and While You’re At It, Put Down That Drink**

Gone are the days where smoking was seen as the manliest thing to do. Studies have shown that smoking has an adverse effect on libido, which directly stems from low testosterone. Smoking also contributes to the bulge, as smokers have been found to not have as gym sessions that are as effective as their non-smoking counterparts.
Drinking isn’t going to help boost your testosterone levels either. Beer is known to increase testosterone levels due to the high level of hops. Also, the term beer belly originates from somewhere, doesn’t it? Leaner bodies tend to have higher levels of testosterone.

**Hello Sunshine**

Lather on layers of sunscreen and head on down to the pool for some serious Vitamin D sessions. Great for bone density, this little natural wunderkind will have you smiling and masculine in no time. If catching some rays isn’t an option, head down to the drug store, Vitamin D is sold as a supplement. That is literally sunshine in a bottle!

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